03 August 2009

Meditation: "Soul Food"

Dear Friends,

"Jesus said to them, 'I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.'"

The other day I was reading a news story on the web about a hot political topic. Below the story was a listing of the comments that various people had made on the story. I found myself reading one after another of angry, sarcastic, aggressive, snide, and just plain mean comments that people had posted. They came from all sides of the debate. These posts created no meaningful dialogue.

At one point, something made me stop reading (the grace of God, perhaps?). And I had a small epiphany. "Why am I consuming this negativity?!" It was doing nothing to nourish my soul, but plenty to stir despair and uneasiness within my heart. I consume so many things every single day--food and drink, of course, but also media--newspapers, internet, TV, the radio, to name just a few. I'm not always as careful as I would like to be about what I "eat," so to speak. There are times when it takes a great deal of intentionality on my part to consciously stop consuming something that does little to nourish my heart and my soul.

Jesus reminds us that he is the "food and drink" that really sates our hungry and thirsty souls. So, in some small way, each day, I try to "take in" a bit of Jesus--a few verses of scripture here, a moment of silence there, a prayer lifted before a meal or bed time--something that nourishes me in a way that only God in Jesus Christ can.

Prayer: God, help me to take a few moments each day to nourish my soul with your love by taking a moment of quiet, reading scripture, saying a prayer, or simply paying attention to you as I move through my day. Amen.

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